Dyson Headphone Mask Review

The Dyson Headphone Mask Review: A Revolutionary Wearable for Audio, Air, and Voice

The world of wearable technology has just welcomed a unique new device – the Dyson Headphone Mask Review. Unveiled earlier this year, the Dyson Headphone Mask combines high-performance headphones with a visor that channels purified air, aiming to provide the user with an immersive audio experience alongside protection from air pollution.

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As a pioneer in the airflow and purifying technology with their innovative vacuum cleaners and fans, Dyson is now channeling their expertise into this brand new product category. The Dyson Headphone Mask  is pegged to launch in China and select other markets later this year.

An Overview of Key Features

The Dyson Headphone Mask  includes a set of noise-cancelling over-ear headphones featuring advanced audio drivers and 11 high-sensitivity microphones. It delivers superior sound quality while also using noise-cancellation to cut ambient noise by up to 38dB.

Additionally, the headphones offer a microphone array system providing crystal clear voice pick up for taking calls. The headset uses accelerometers to detect head and jaw movement, maintaining voice pick up even if you turn your head or the device shifts.

Here are some of the key features that set apart the Dyson Headphone Mask :

  • Air Purification – The visor channels a continuous stream of purified air to the nose and mouth using high-performance filters and miniaturized air pumps in each ear cup. This aims to tackle urban pollution, filtering out dust, allergens, and even gaseous pollutants.
  • Audio Performance – With advanced audio drivers and noise cancellation across 11 microphones, the Zone delivers immersive high-fidelity audio for music or calls.
  • Comfort – The Dyson Headphone Mask  is engineered for comfort, with breathable mesh and memory foam for the ear pads and headband. The visor’s position can also be calibrated as needed.
  • Voice Pickup – An array of microphones and accelerometers maintains clear voice pickup even if you turn your head or the device shifts.
  • Monitoring – The paired MyDyson app lets you monitor sound levels, air quality data, headphone battery levels, and more.

Addressing the Problem of Poor Urban Air Quality

A key emphasis of the Dyson Headphone Mask  is its air purification visor, which aims to protect the user from air pollution. This is a specially pertinent issue today considering the dangerously high pollution levels faced in many cities globally.

The Zone’s filters are capable of capturing 99% of particle pollution as small as 0.1 microns, including dust, pollen, bacteria, and more. The sealed nature of the visor means you have a direct supply of clean air when outdoors. This could provide respite from pollution when commuting, walking outside, or during exercise.

To learn more about the air purification mechanics, see the later FAQ section.

Appealing to Music Lovers and Audiophiles

Beyond just air purification, the Zone also appeals to those looking for a superior audio experience from their portable headphones.

The over-ear design aims to create a seal for stunning sound quality as well as effective noise cancellation. Dyson worked extensively with audio engineers for the acoustic design, minimizing distortion across varying sound pressure levels.

Paired with lossless streaming platforms, the Dyson Headphone Mask  could provide an enthralling listening experience for music aficionados whether at home or on the move. Audiophiles may also appreciate capabilities like the bass enhancement EQ setting provided via the MyDyson app.

Engineered for Voice and Call Clarity

Modern headphones are becoming integral not just for music, but also calls and online meetings. Recognizing this essential functionality, Dyson focused extensively on microphone performance for the Zone.

The headset has an array of 11 high sensitivity microphones combined with accelerometers for crystal clear voice pickup. Directional beamforming targets voice pickup, suppressing ambient noise even in windy outdoor conditions up to 40kph.

So regardless of your environment, you can expect the Dyson Headphone Mask  to deliver clear and consistent call or voice quality. This applies whether you’re loudly strolling down the street or have music blasting while on a video call.

Key Specifications

Audio Drivers: 40mm high-excursion, ultra-efficient driver units
Noise Cancelling: Digital ENC across 11 microphones. Cuts ambient noise up to 38 dB
Battery Life: Up to 50 hours audio playback. Lower with air purification or noise cancellation (see FAQs)
Audio Codecs: AAC, SBC
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Weight: 785 grams
Air Purification Filters: K-Carbon, Electrostatic

First Impressions from Reviewers

The Dyson Headphone Mask  has intrigued tech enthusiasts and drawn plenty of excitement around its unique value proposition. Reviewers who’ve got early access have highlighted both positives as well as room for improvements.


  • Impressive noise cancellation performance, reduces ambient sounds considerably
  • Superbly clear voice pickup with beamforming microphone array
  • Purified air effect noticeable when outdoors in polluted environs
  • Excellent audio quality with immersive bass
  • Magnetic earcups for easy removal when desired
  • MyDyson app provides monitoring and customization

Room for Improvement

  • Battery life still limited, especially with all features active
  • Visor fit needs refinement for optimal user comfort
  • High price could limit target audience and use cases
  • Air purification effectiveness for viruses remains unvalidated

Despite a few concerns, overall verdicts remain largely positive, especially with respect to the breakthrough concept. The Zone delivers substantively on its proposition. While price remains a prohibiting factor for many consumers, Dyson is targeting affluent technology enthusiasts appreciative of design innovation.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Dyson Headphone Mask  based on its specs, features, and reviews.

How does the air purification feature work?

The air purification relies on a two stage filtration system within each magnetic ear cup, which use:

  • K-Carbon Filter – Captures gases like NO2 along with 99% of particle pollutants
  • Electrostatic Filter – Further filtration before the air exits to the visor

Purified air is then channeled to the mouth and nose via the visor, providing the wearer respite from pollution. However, medical-grade filtration or proven effectiveness specifically for viruses is not claimed.

How does noise cancellation compare to rivals?

The Dyson Headphone Mask  uses 11 high sensitivity microphones paired with digital ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) technology for its active noise cancellation.

This setup competes strongly with industry leaders, providing a ~38dB cut in ambient noise comparable to the performance of flagship headphones from Sony and Bose.

What is the battery runtime for the Dyson Headphone Mask ?

The Zone has a 2600mAh battery, but runtime varies significantly depending on usage:

  • Audio Playback – Up to 50 hours of continuous audio-only playback.
  • Noise Cancellation – Can still deliver over 10+ hours by user testing metrics.
  • Air Purification – As low as 1.5 hours on the High setting. Lasts only 2-4 hours for continual use per charge cycle.

The battery does not show an exact percentage indicator. A basic icon indicates charging, low, or critical status.

What use cases is the Dyson Headphone Mask  best suited for?

The Dyson Headphone Mask  aims to offer the most utility for:

  • Urban commuters facing air & noise pollution during drives/walks
  • Frequent travellers crossing polluted metro areas
  • Those exercising outdoors along traffic-heavy streets
  • Mobile professionals who need audio & call performance

However, the battery life may make continuous all-day use challenging if leveraging the air purification and noise cancellation simultaneously.

What future improvements can be expected?

Early reviews suggest refinements to comfort & ergonomics would be welcomed, as would extending the battery runtime.

Dyson may also focus on improving filtration efficacy for viruses to boost appeal. Additional smart features could get incorporated as well once the platform matures.

But structurally, the core focus on air, audio, and voice sets apart the novel value proposition, which Dyson will likely build upon further.

The Road Ahead

The Dyson Headphone Mask  signifies a daring debut into wearable technology, blending Dyson’s filtration competence with audio engineering finesse. The initial offering delivers on many fronts, with further improvements expected through future iterations.

Wider retail availability remains unannounced, but a premium price tag positions the Zone as a halo product for Dyson rather than a mainstream retail play. This launches their foray into the next frontier for the brand beyond home appliances.

Dyson has repeatedly endeavored to tackle problems like indoor air quality and cleansing appliances with an inventor’s mindset. That ethos now carries forward with addressing outdoor pollution and audio performance in one integrated solution.

The Zone may not be an essential purchase yet for every consumer today considering its pricing. However, by setting its sights to the future, Dyson could pioneer a new product segment that subsequently becomes indispensable for our modern connected lifestyles.


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