Auralu Headphones Review: Premium Sound Quality Meets Affordability

Auralu headphones review, is an up-and-coming audio brand making a name for itself with its line of affordable yet premium wireless headphones and earbuds. As more people shift towards wireless listening, quality headphones that won’t break the bank are in high demand. That’s where Auralu aims to make its mark.

In this Auralu headphones review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Auralu’s product line, key features, audio performance, design and comfort, and value for money. We’ll help you determine if Auralu headphones are the right choice for your personal listening needs and budget.

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Overview of Auralu Headphones Review

Founded in 2019, Auralu is on a mission to deliver premium sound quality without the premium price tag.

The England-based company currently offers two wireless headphone models:

  • Auralu Wireless Earbuds: True wireless Bluetooth earbuds with active noise cancellation (ANC), touch controls, and up to 30 hours of total listening with the charging case.
  • Auralu HiFi Stereo Wireless Headphones: Over-ear wireless headphones with hybrid ANC for improved noise reduction, intuitive touch controls, and up to 60 hours of playback per charge.

Both Auralu models feature large dynamic drivers for immersive sound and qualitative noise-cancelling microphones for clear voice calls. The headphones are designed for all-day comfort, making them suitable for everything from music listening to binge-watching and gaming.

Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the standout features that make Auralu headphones a compelling purchase:

  • Premium sound: Large 13mm dynamic drivers deliver well-balanced audio with clarity across low, mid and high frequencies. Bass is deep and punchy without muddying the mids and highs.
  • Effective ANC: Both the wireless earbuds and over-ear headphones effectively block out ambient noise like traffic, chatter and airplane engine roar with their multiple noise-cancelling microphones
  • Ergonomic design: The earbud tips and over-ear cushions are tailored for long-wearing comfort. Added venting prevents ear pressure buildup.
  • Seamless controls: Easily control music playback, volume, calls, ANC modes and voice assistants via intuitive touch controls.
  • Good battery life: Get up to 6 hours playtime on the Auralu Wireless Earbuds and up to 60 hours on the HiFi Stereo Headphones. The charging cases extend usage.
  • Premium materials: Housing made from durable aviation aluminum with skin-friendly silicone ear tips. Sweatproof construction holds up to everyday use.

For the price, Auralu headphones review stack up nicely against more premium brands, delivering flagship features without the flagship cost.

Hands-On Review of Audio Performance

So how do Auralu headphones actually sound?

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the audio performance based on first-hand testing:

Auralu Wireless Earbuds

  • Sound profile: Clear, lively and reasonably well balanced. The earbuds deliver pleasing sound across genres like pop, hip hop, classical and acoustic.
  • Bass: Bass response has good depth and punch. You can feel the thump and resonance on bass-heavy tracks without muddiness.
  • Mids: Vocals and instruments come through with excellent presence and clarity, partly thanks to the dedicated mid woofer housed in each earbud.
  • Highs: Treble frequencies like cymbals, pianos and guitars have ample detail and brightness without harshness at higher volumes.
  • Soundstage: The soundstage is intimate rather than spacious, which is typical for true wireless earbuds. Instrument separation is decent.
  • Call quality: Noise-cancelling mics significantly reduce ambient noise so voice pick up is clear with minimal distortion.

For $180, the well-rounded sound quality of the Auralu Wireless Earbuds competes favorably with models from Bose, Sennheiser and other premium brands.

Auralu HiFi Stereo Wireless Headphones

  • Sound profile: The over-ear headphones deliver extremely well-balanced sound quality, with excellent extension at both ends and minimal coloration across lows, mids and highs.
  • Bass: Bass response digs very deep, sounds tight and avoids boominess or bloat. You can really feel sub-bass rumble.
  • Mids: Vocals retain texture and intimacy. Acoustic guitars have great presence and detail. Overall midrange clarity is superb.
  • Highs: Cymbals shimmer with nuance. High strings avoid harshness or sibilance even at loud volumes.
  • Soundstage: With their over-ear, closed back design, the soundstage is intimate but instrument separation is excellent.
  • Call quality: Four noise-cancelling mics significantly reduce ambient noise for clear call clarity in noisy environments.

Priced under $300, the HiFi Stereo Headphones meet the sound quality benchmark of premium brands like Sony and Bose at a fraction of the cost.

Design, Comfort and Ergonomics

Auralu headphones feature ergonomic designs tailored for comfort during extended listening sessions:

Auralu Wireless Earbuds

  • Ear tip fit: Multiple sizes of oval silicone tips passively seal out noise while avoiding ear canal pressure. Fit is lightweight and secure.
  • Control intuitiveness: Touch surfaces make music and call controls easy to access on each earbud. Voice assistant activation works well.
  • Portability: The compact charging case with built-in magnets makes on-the-go charging and storage simple.

Auralu HiFi Stereo Wireless Headphones

  • Padding plushness: Memory foam ear cushions and headband avoid pressure points while achieving noise isolation and bass resonance.
  • Wearing comfort: At 210 grams the headphones feel pleasantly lightweight with clamping force that’s snug but not vice-like.
  • Control accessibility: Buttons for power, music/calls, ANC modes and voice assistants are logically placed and easy to press by feel.
  • Portability: The headphones fold inward into a compact configuration for storage in the included hard shell carrying case.

Both Auralu headphone models achieve extended comfort along with functional control layouts and portability. Long listening sessions are fatigue-free.

Value for Money

One area where Auralu headphones clearly excel is value for money. Features like custom-tuned drivers, effective ANC, metal/silicone construction and multi microphone call quality meet or exceed models from premium rivals – but at significantly lower cost:

ModelKey SpecsPrice
Auralu Wireless Earbuds13mm Triple Driver, Active Noise Cancelling, 30hr battery$180
Apple AirPods ProCustom Driver, Active Noise Cancelling, 24hr battery$249
Sony WF-1000XM4Integrated Processor V1, Active Noise Cancelling, 24hr battery$279
Auralu HiFi Stereo Headphones50mm Dual Driver, Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling, 60hr battery$280
Sony WH-1000XM5Integrated Processor V1, Adaptive Noise Cancelling, 30hr battery$399
Bose QuietComfort 45TriPort Acoustic Architecture, Active Noise Cancelling, 24hr battery$329

As the specs and pricing table shows, Auralu headphones offer flagship features at budget-friendly prices, giving you more audio performance per dollar spent.

Limitations to Consider

While Auralu headphones shine in sound, comfort and value, there are some limitations worth keeping in mind:

  • Battery life could be longer – expect to charge every 4 to 6 days with moderate use.
  • Lack of wear sensors means audio won’t auto pause when removing the earbuds/headphones.
  • No companion app for firmware updates or custom EQ tuning.
  • Water resistance rating fairly average; avoid excessive moisture exposure.

That said, when you consider the impressive features and audio quality on offer, these limitations hardly seem like deal breakers for the price.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Delivering nearly premium specification at affordable prices, Auralu headphones deserve their growing reputation. Both the wireless earbuds and HiFi stereo headphones sound impressive, block noise effectively and meet everyday comfort needs. Minor shortcomings aside, the complete headphone packages prove you don’t need to spend a small fortune for great wireless audio.

Based on value for performance, versatile practicality and excellent all around user experience, Auralu headphones earn a strong recommendation. If you seek better-than-expected sound without wrecking your budget, Auralu has you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the Bluetooth connectivity and range on Auralu headphones?

A: Both models feature Bluetooth 5.2 for reliable connectivity within 10 meters/30 feet line of sight. Multipoint pairing allows simultaneous connections.

Q: Can the earbuds and headphones be used wired?

A: Yes, the wireless earbuds and headphones come with USB-C charging cables that double as wired connection cables for passive, power-saving listening.

Q: What colors do Auralu headphones come in?

A: The wireless earbuds and headphones are currently only available in black and white color options. More colors may be released in future product generations.

Q: Can the Auralu headphones be used for fitness activities like running?

A: While not fully sweat or waterproof, Auralu headphones offer suitable sweat resistance for workout usage but aren’t optimized for intense athletics. Choose sport-focused earbuds for running and high exertion training.

Q: Do the headphones support sharing audio between multiple paired devices?

A: Yes, thanks to their multipoint Bluetooth pairing, Auralu Wireless Earbuds and HiFi Stereo Headphones can maintain connections with two devices simultaneously. This allows seamless audio sharing.


If you desire flagship quality sound along with comfort and convenience at below-flagship prices, Auralu headphones review delivers on all counts. Don’t miss out on the amazing value proposition of Auralu Wireless Earbuds and HiFi Stereo Headphones. For budget-friendly audio excellence, find them today at

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