10 Best Audeze Maxwell Wireless Alternative Headphones In 2023

If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of wireless headphones similar to the Audeze Maxwell wireless, you have quite a few excellent options to consider on Amazon. Audeze headphones are known for their audiophile-grade planar magnetic drivers that produce stunningly detailed and accurate sound.

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The key features that make the Audeze Maxwell headphones stand out are:

  • Planar magnetic drivers for precise and distortion-free audio
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Premium design and build quality
  • Support for hi-res audio codecs

While the Audeze Maxwell headphones don’t come cheap, there are several more affordable alternatives available on Amazon that can provide a comparable listening experience.

In this buying guide, we cover the top 10 Audeze Maxwell alternatives you can buy on Amazon in the US, Canada, and Australia in 2023.

How We Chose the Top Audeze Maxwell Alternatives

In choosing the best wireless headphone alternatives to the Audeze Maxwell available on Amazon, we looked at several key criteria:

  • Sound Quality: We picked headphones that provide clear, accurate audio with a wide and balanced frequency response similar to high-end planar magnetic models.
  • Comfort: The headphones on our list all have well-padded ear cups and adjustable headbands for long-wearing comfort.
  • Wireless Connectivity: They support Bluetooth wireless connectivity for cable-free listening, with most supporting advanced Bluetooth 5.0 or above.
  • Battery Life: We chose wireless headphone models that can deliver at least 20+ hours of continuous playback per charge.
  • Premium Features: The alternatives match up to Audeze headphones when it comes to premium build quality, advanced audio codecs, intuitive controls and other high-end features.
  • Value: While not as pricey as the Audeze Maxwell itself, the headphones on our list provide excellent value for money overall.

We’ve researched headphones across various pricing tiers so you can find an option that meets both your audio needs and budget. Read on for reviews of our favorite Audeze Maxwell alternatives available on Amazon!

1. SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is our #1 pick for buyers looking for a high-end, feature-rich wireless gaming headset that rivals premium audiophile models.

Key Features:

  • Planar magnetic drivers for incredible sound clarity just like Audeze headphones
  • Dual wireless for simultaneous Bluetooth and 2.4GHz lossless wireless connections
  • Active noise cancellation and transparency mode
  • 30+ hour battery life with swappable batteries
  • High-quality microphone with AI-based noise cancellation
  • Premium ski goggle suspension headband for exceptional comfort

With planar magnetic drivers co-designed with audio legends Axel Grell and Adam Grell, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless delivers sound quality on par with far more expensive audiophile headphones. The soundstage is expansive with clearly defined separation between vocals and instruments. The adjustable active noise cancellation can block out ambient sounds when you want undisturbed listening.

The Arctis Nova Pro works not just with PCs and PlayStations but also with mobile devices thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. The convenient hot swappable battery system ensures non-stop wireless listening. Overall, it’s the best sub-$400 planar magnetic wireless headset that makes for an excellent Audeze Maxwell alternative.

Available Regions: U.S., Canada, Australia

2. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless gives you lag-free lossless 2.4 GHz wireless audio and up to 20 hours of battery life at a truly budget-friendly price point.

Key Features:

  • Lossless 2.4 GHz wireless for ultra-low latency gaming audio
  • Up to 20 hours battery life
  • On-ear controls for volume, EQ, mic mute, power
  • Detachable Discord-certified ClearCast mic
  • Lightweight steel and aluminum construction
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch / Android / PS / Windows

Considering its affordable pricing, the exceptional sound quality of the Arctis 1 Wireless headphones stands out. The audio remains distortion-free even at high volumes thanks to the specially-tuned 40mm drivers. While not audiophile-grade, the well-balanced sound with punchy bass is great for headphones costing under $100.

The adjustable steel-reinforced headband provides a secure fit for long gaming sessions without feeling overly tight. For lag-free in-game audio and seamless mic performance, the Arctis 1 Wireless is easily one of the best sub-$100 wireless headsets out there.

Available Regions: U.S., Canada, Australia

3. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 offers premium gaming features and excellent sound at a reasonable price point.

Key Features:

  • 50mm Nanoclear drivers tuned for precise gaming sound
  • 20+ hour battery life
  • Bluetooth mobile connectivity
  • Turtle Beach audio hub for simultaneous wireless connections
  • Flip to Mute mic and other smart controls
  • Compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC

While the drivers are not planar magnetic, the large high-sensitivity 50mm Nanoclear drivers have been designed by Turtle Beach to deliver detailed immersive sound for gaming and multimedia. You get thumping yet distortion-free bass, clear mids and sparkling highs.

The Stealth 700 headset really shines when it comes to features. You get intuitive controls including flip up muted mic monitoring and active noise cancellation for loud environments. The headset also connects simultaneously via low-latency 2.4GHz wireless to the Xbox/PS/Nintendo Switch and via Bluetooth to your phone.

For the sub $150 price range, you won’t find many other wireless gaming headsets packing this level of features and versatility.

Available Regions: U.S., Canada

4. HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless brings the company’s signature Dual Chamber technology that reduces audio distortion found in traditional gaming headsets in an affordable wireless version.

Key Features:

  • Closed-back design blocks out ambient noise
  • Dual Chamber technology for more distinction between bass/mids/highs
  • 300+ hour battery life
  • 50mm drivers tuned for gaming and music
  • Detachable noise cancellation microphone
  • Compatible with PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch

While not the most premium build quality, the Cloud Alpha Wireless still delivers very spacious and detailed sound for a sub $200 pair of wireless cans thanks to the Dual Chamber design. The audio comes through clear and balanced without the hollow resonances you find on typical gaming headsets.

With extreme 300+ hour battery times, you’ll almost never run out of juice even after long days of gaming. The noise-cancelling microphone also works great for in-game chat. For the price, the Cloud Alpha Wireless is undoubtedly one of the best sounding and longest lasting wireless headsets out there.

Available Regions: U.S., Canada

5. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

Razer’s premium wireless version of the BlackShark gaming headset brings Lag-Free THX spatial surround sound and superior mic clarity with wireless freedom.

Key Features:

  • 50mm TriForce titanium drivers created with THX audio engineers
  • Advanced THX Spatial Audio and surround sound modes
  • Up to 24 hours of battery life
  • Detachable HyperClear Supercardioid mic
  • Lightweight construction with flowknit memory foam pads
  • Compatible with PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac

Featuring custom-tuned 50mm drivers divided into 3 parts for dedicated reproduction of highs, mids and bass, the BlackShark V2 Pro delivers incredibly detailed and accurate positional audio for gaming and movies. The Soundstage is expansive, letting you easily pinpoint enemies or threats just from audio cues alone – a competitive gamer’s dream!

The headset also features THX’s surround sound modes like audio tuning profiles for FPS, RPGs, and MOBAs. Add in the crystal clear detachable mic, long 24+ hour battery life and signature Razer design and you get one of the best premium wireless headsets money can buy.

Available Regions: U.S., Canada

6. Rode NTH-100

The Rode NTH-100 brings the Australian audio company’s stellar headphone engineering to an affordable wireless over-ear model perfect for gaming, music and content creation.

Key Features:

  • Custom tuned 40mm dynamic drivers
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AptX Low Latency codec
  • 25+ hours battery life
  • Built-in microphone with high SNR for clear audio pickup
  • Foldable design with protein leather & soft earpads
  • Multipoint connectivity lets you connect two devices simultaneously

While planar magnetic drivers would have been nice at this price point, the Rode NTH-100’s custom dynamic drivers still manage to deliver bright, balanced and expansive sound quality that punches above what you’d expect from sub $150 wireless headphones.

Vocals and instruments have pleasing separation with sparkling but non-harsh highs and distortion-free bass. The built-in microphone also provides clear and natural voice pickup quality for gaming chat or recordings. Overall, at this wallet-friendly pricing, the Rode NTH-100 make for great Audeze Maxwell alternatives for budget-conscious buyers.

Available Regions: U.S., Canada, Australia

7. Audeze Penrose

Audeze’s own take on premium planar magnetic wireless gaming headphone brings audiophile-level sound and features tailored for gamers looking for ultimate audio accuracy.

Key Features:

  • 100mm planar magnetic drivers for stunningly realistic sound
  • 2.4GHz lossless wireless for lag-free high-fidelity audio
  • Broadcast quality detachable microphone
  • 15 hour battery life
  • Lightweight and comfortable memory foam design
  • Multiplatform wireless compatibility including PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC

As expected from Audeze’s pedigree, the Penrose headphones deliver breathtakingly immersive and natural sound thanks to those 100mm planar drivers. Even minute audio cues come through with sparkling clarity allowing you to pinpoint the direction of footsteps and gunshots accurately.

The headset gives you lag-free and lossless 2.4GHz wireless connectivity ensuring HD fidelity audio without any drops or lip sync issues. You also get a broadcast quality microphone that picks up your voice clearly without any background interference.

If you want planar magnetic wireless gaming audio without breaking the bank, the reasonably priced Penrose headphones are easily one of the best Audeze Maxwell alternatives worth investing in.

Available Regions: U.S., Canada

8. Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless

The Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless delivers premium gaming features like 7.1 virtual surround sound in a very affordable and long-lasting wireless gaming headset.

Key Features:

  • Dolby Audio 7.1 surround sound
  • Discord and TeamSpeak certified uni-directional microphone
  • 30+ hour extremely long battery life
  • 50mm neodymium drivers for wide frequency response
  • Multi-platform wireless compatibility for PC, PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch
  • On-ear game/chat audio balance controls

Priced under $100, it’s surprising just how refined and well-balanced the audio quality is on the HS70 Pro Wireless. While not audiophile grade, the custom-tuned 50mm drivers manage to deliver clear mids/highs and subtly powerful bass free from muddiness or distortion even at louder volumes.

You also get Dolby’s surround sound processing that adds convincingly immersive directional audio in games. The noise-isolating microphone captures voice clearly and eliminates background noises. Top it off with extremely long 30+ hour battery life, and the HS70 Pro Wireless becomes one of the best cheap wireless gaming headsets money can buy.

Available Regions: U.S., Canada

9. Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT

Beautiful aesthetics meets high-fidelity sound in Corsair’s premium Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT – a brilliant high-end alternative to the Audeze Maxwell.

Key Features:

  • Corsair’s high-fidelity custom 50mm neodymium drivers
  • Up to 20 hours of ultra low latency 2.4GHz Slipstream wireless
  • Multiplatform compatibility for PC, PS5/PS4, Mac and mobile
  • Broadcast-quality detachable microphone
  • RGB lighting and premium metal/leather construction
  • On-ear controls for volume, RGB lighting, mic mute, power

Under the hood, specially tuned high-density neodymium speaker drivers deliver brilliantly clear and well-separated audio so you catch every sonic detail whether you’re gaming, listening to music or watching films.

The Virtuoso Wireless XT perfectly balances rich warm bass against sparkling mids and smooth non-sibilant highs. Audiophiles will also appreciate the headset’s Hi-Res certified wide 40,000Hz frequency response range.

Add to the stellar sound quality an excellent microphone, premium aesthetics and wireless range, and you have an excellent high-end wireless gaming headset for both form and function.

Available Regions: U.S., Canada

10. Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset

More proof you don’t need to spend a fortune for audiophile-grade sound, the Drop + Sennheiser PC38X offers breathtaking open-back wired audio for competitive gaming.

Key Features:

  • Open-back design with extremely natural and realistic sound
  • Noise-cancelling boom microphone with clean voice capture
  • Audiophile-grade Sennheiser 38mm transducers
  • Lightweight memory foam earpads for extreme comfort
  • Compatible with PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Mac
  • Affordably priced under $150

Featuring Sennheiser’s renowned German acoustic engineering, the open-air ear cup design paired with those top-tier 38mm dynamic drivers makes the PC38X come the closest to replicating the natural soundstage of physical speaker systems.

The split headband design and soft velour memory foam earpads are tailored for marathon gaming sessions. While not wireless, the PC38X gives you the most honest and fatigue-free soundscape immersion no matter what games you play thanks to Sennheiser’s audiophile pedigree.

Available Regions: U.S., Canada

Key Spec Comparison Table

ModelDriversWireless ConnectivityBattery LifeMicrophonePrice
SteelSeries Arctis Nova ProPlanar magneticBluetooth + 2.4GHz lossless30+ hours (swappable)Bidirectional retractable$279
SteelSeries Arctis 140mm neodymium2.4GHz lossless20 hoursDetachable bidirectional$99
Turtle Beach Stealth 70050mm Nanoclear2.4GHz + Bluetooth20+ hoursFlip-up unidirectional$139
HyperX Cloud AlphaDual chamber dynamic2.4GHz300+ hoursDetachable noise cancellation$199
Razer BlackShark V2 ProTriforce 50mm dynamic2.4GHz24 hoursDetachable Supercardioid$179
Rode NTH-100Custom 40mm dynamicBluetooth25+ hoursBuilt-in microphone$149
Audeze Penrose100mm Planar magnetic2.4GHz15 hoursDetachable broadcast quality$249
Corsair HS70 ProCustom 50mm dynamic2.4GHz30+ hoursUnidirectional$99
Corsair Virtuoso RGB XTCustom 50mm neodymium2.4GHz Slipstream20 hoursDetachable broadcast quality$259
Sennheiser PC38X38mm dynamicWiredN/ANoise-cancelling boom mic$149


While the Audeze Maxwell remains one of the top tier planar magnetic wireless gaming headsets you can buy, there are plenty of excellent alternatives available at more reasonable price points without compromising much on sound quality.

Models like the feature-rich SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless actually utilize planar magnetic drivers themselves for stunningly realistic audio that rivals dedicated audiophile headphones.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Rode NTH-100 demonstrates you can still enjoy subtle and balanced sound in a sub $150 wireless headphone perfect for listening on the go.

No matter your budget or audio needs – competitive esports gaming, movie watching or casual music enjoyment – this guide looked at the 10 best alternatives that make for great Audeze Maxwell alternatives worth grabbing from Amazon in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do any of these Audeze Maxwell alternatives also use planar magnetic drivers?

A. Yes, two of the headphones on our list utilize planar magnetic driver technology similar to Audeze’s headphones:

  1. SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless
  2. Audeze Penrose

These allow you to enjoy the same benefits of distortion-free, highly detailed sound in a more affordable wireless gaming headphone package.

Q. Which one has the best battery life?

A. Without a doubt, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless has the longest continuous battery life out of all the wireless headphones on our list, clocking an incredible 300+ hours of playback time per charge. This makes it perfect for travelers and forgetful gamers alike.

The Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless comes a distant second at 30+ hours which is still extremely long compared to usual wireless headset battery runtimes.

Q. Do these headphones work with game consoles or just PC/Mac?

A. A key criteria we looked at was compatibility with popular gaming platforms. Nearly all of our picks offer multiplatform support beyond just Windows PCs:

  • SteelSeries, TurtleBeach, HyperX, Razer and Corsair models support PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S along with Nintendo

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